The incentive travel is the result of the whole year’s work and the setting of a new marketing campaign, to motivate and encourage employees and management to exceed expectations. We involve the participants and guide them through an experience beyond their imagination. For that reason, it shouldn’t be a common journey and it is our job to make it unforgettable. How?

In New York we propose an aperitif on an aircraft carrier (most people have never seen one, , guess how many went on board…). In Prague the sightseeing is done with a special treasure hunt where the treasure is the monument to find. The Maldives “Fishing Cup”– one of the greatest fishing expeditions – is the perfect moment for motivation.

And then … Orient Express, catamarans, hot-air balloons, camels, donkeys, bicycles, public buses that arrive to replace those tour ones with on-board drinks and bands. ALL FOR CREATING A UNIQUE SHOW.

We organize EVERYTHING, from A to Z.


Case History

Location: Moscow e St Petersburg
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    An incentive travel given to culture and freedom in the great Moscow, centre and symbol …

    Location: Rome
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      Car Dealer Convention themes are creativity and competition. After the guests’ entrance, we’ve immediately seen the …